Relieving Computer Eye Strain Talk

Looking at the computer screen too long not only contributes to eye strain but also creates a unique kind of stress on the visual system. This way of looking closely for a long period causes nearsightedness for children, as well. It is common for computer users to experience eyestrain, vision headaches, deteriorating vision, and the need for stronger and stronger prescriptions.

Sometimes working on a computer creates invisible strain you do not even notice until the day is over and you wonder why you are feeling so tired physically and mentally.

There are four critical sources that can create computer eye strain and other computer stress syndromes. They are poor lighting, constantly fixated eyes and head, improper posture, and your mindset about your computer work.

Find out about proper lighting, simple ways to give your eyes and body a break to relieve eye strain and visual stress, and other healthy visual habits while working at the computer or any other digital devices.

If you practice these good visual habits, you not only relieve your eye strain, but your vision might also improve.