The Bates Method we teach has been around for 100 years, healing all sorts of vision problems of any age, from infant to 101 years old, recorded. Dr. Bates, the pioneer of the Natural Vision Improvement, was an ophthalmologist in NY city. He noticed that when people do not wear glasses, they see better. He also noticed that when people relax their eyes and mind and do not stare and strain, their vision conditions improved. The Bates Method has been utilized around the world to heal vision issues including nearsightedness, farsightedness, middle-age reading vision, astigmatism, crossed eyes, lazy eye, cataract, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and even legal blindness.

Testimonials from Dr. Mimi's Students

To see the proof of vision improvement in 3 weeks - nearsighted, middle-age sight, and bifocals - taught by Dr. Mimi, in summer of 2017, click here.
Individual testimonials:
"I'm in my mid 70's and have been using reading glasses for many years. I took Mimi's intro class on "reading fine prints". When I told Mimi my left eye was much weaker, and cannot practice convergence properly yet, she told me to use pinhole glasses to do closeup work or reading at home. After using pinhole glasses for about a week to read for about 45 minutes to an hour every day, I don't need reading glasses anymore. In a week, my left eye could read font size 20 (it was font 26 a week ago) and my right eye from font size 9 to font 5. With both eyes, now I'm reading font size 5, so no more glasses needed. I'm also seeing things/labels much easily. Now I can focus on strengthening my weak left eye with patching." --Ann, Chicago, Illinois "For about 10 days for total of 7 to 8 minutes a day, I practiced the merging technique Mimi taught us at the "reading fine prints" class. Now I can read small prints! I went to Trader Joe's today, I could read labels without reading glasses! In the past, I'd whip out my readers with no hesitation. I am so excited!" -- Maggie, Highland Park, Illinois  "I have been learning the Bates Method on my own for the last 12 years and improved my vision from -12 to -8. Recently, I felt like I hit the mental block as my vision level has been stuck in the same range for a long time. I searched and found Dr. Mimi. I really liked the phone conversation I had with Mimi so a few weeks later I decided to take her individual coaching sessions. Surprisingly, within a week of diligently practicing some of the techniques Mimi showed me, this is the improvement I got: During the first session, I could read the line 1, the big E, from 18 to 20 inches away. A week later, I reported to Mimi that I could read the line 3 (TOZ) from 4 feet away. Within a week, I also noticed improvements in many other areas such as my tunnel vision seemed lifted away; could recognize and see things surrounding me; could see the tape at the end of my viola which I couldn’t see (even with my glasses) for the last 12 years! I also could read the line 16 on the Near-Vision-Test Chart at arms-length. Last week, every line was a blur reading from arms-length. I’m more than ecstatic about my progress and very much committed to do this under Dr. Mimi’s help all the way until I can discard my glasses, which I hope to happen in the next few months." --Sheryl B. Wisconsin "My 11 year old son, William, didn't want to wear glasses his eye doctor prescribed. We searched for a Bates teacher, and found Dr. Mimi. After practicing the homework Dr. Mimi suggested, after a week,  William's vision became 20/13 from 20/40. Amazing, the techniques he practiced was so simple!" --James F, Virginia  "I searched and found Dr. Mimi in my area. Luckily, it so happened that Mimi was starting a 4 weekly vision classes so I signed up to correct my myopia. After I practiced a simple centralization for a week, my vision improved from -4.5 to about -2. My old glasses felt too strong, so I ordered a weaker pair from ZenniOptical without prescription and cheap price. Doing another week of other simple practices, my vision improved to about -1.00. From -4.5 to -1.0 in 2 weeks is amazing! I’m totally sold to the natural vision and bragging to my friends about it." --P. M. Chicago, Illinois "About a year ago after I turned 43, I started having trouble seeing fine prints. My wife read a book written by Dr. Bates on Natural Vision Improvement, and thought I could be helped and found Dr. Mimi. Mimi said I probably needed 2 sessions to correct this problem as I haven’t worn glasses in the past. Mimi was correct! Within a week of practicing some relaxation and convergence with a chart, I could read the font size 5 prints from normal reading distance. Along with the near vision, my distance vision also improved, now I’m reading 20/13 line on the Snellen Chart 20 feet away, all within a week of time! I love this NVI." --Dan E. Chapel Hills, North Carolina "When I went for my annual vision checkup, my optometrist said my eye pressure was high and sent me to a  glaucoma specialist. She gave me an eye drop and told me to come back in 3 months and that if the eye drop doesn't lower my eye pressure, I'll need to get a laser surgery. I could't understand why they are going by just one time measure of eye pressure and gave me the eye drop which has 2 pages long of side effects. And the laser surgery on my eye? Luckily I saw Mimi's natural vision on Natural Awakenings magazine, I cancelled the appointment with the specialist and instead, got an absolutely helpful coaching from Mimi. She taught me how to do simple relaxation techniques that will help me to normalize my eye pressure no matter what happens around me. With those simple things I practiced during the session, I also read 2 lines lower on the chart, improving my eyesight from 20/70 to 20/40. What can I say? It was that simple! Now being able to drive without glasses also sounds fantastic to me!" --John O. Hoffman Estate, IL "It was so amazing! After a coaching session with Mimi for an hour, I could see tiny prints! Before this, I could not even read any menus in restaurants without my reading glasses. Small prints without glasses just looked like black lines. Next day, I could also read those unclear pinkish prints in my bible story book, for which I had to use a magnifying glass on top of my reading glasses to read these dim prints before. When Mimi told me it’s very simple to correct old-age sight, I didn’t believe her. How could I read small prints? I’m 67 years old and have been using reading glasses for the last 10+ years! None of my friends of my age can read without glasses! It was almost like a miracle happened to my sight. Mimi showed me a few simple relaxation techniques, asked me to imagine something pleasant, and let me practice with a chart for a while, and that was it. When Mimi said “OK, before you leave, let’s see if you can read small prints,” I could read the whole chart all the way down to the bottom which had small letters and also another hand-held card with very tiny prints. Mimi said “Oh my god, you’re reading the print size 5! When you first came in, you could only read the line with font size 18.” I’m still so amazed and cannot wait to tell my friends." --Michelle N., Tamarac, FL "My sight was 20/70 on left eye; with both eyes, 20/40 on good days or 20/60 on not-so-good-days. I wanted to improve my vision so that I don't have to wear glasses for anything including driving. I took a Saturday workshop from Mimi.  Mimi's coaching is excellent. The techniques are very comprehensive and I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. After a month of practicing the techniques, I'm no longer squinting and more relaxed in general. When I spoke with Mimi, she recommended doing 2 minutes of sunning and then read the chart in the morning. By practicing this for 3 weeks or so, now I'm reading 20/50 with left eye; and 20/20 with both eyes in good light (20/25 in not good light). I'll practice what Mimi suggested to strengthen my weak eye. Who knows? my sight might become better than 20/20, once my weak eye catches up." --Adrian H, Chicago, IL  "After I spoke with you, I stopped wearing glasses, except for driving. Just not wearing glasses for 3 weeks, I felt my vision was improving enough to lower my prescription. Practicing the techniques you showed me further improved my vision that my glasses felt way too strong when I put them on. I just ordered (very cheap online thru zennioptical.com) 2 pairs of glasses – 6D and -5D with the same strength for both eyes  with no astigmatism, as you said I’ll go thru these pairs very quickly. This is totally awesome as mine was -7.5 Left and -7.0 Right with 1.75 astigmatism before I spoke with you. I'm so encouraged and determined to discard these glasses that I have worn since I was a child. Thanks, Mimi." --Richard E., St Charles, IL "My wife and I brought our 10 years old daughter whose sight was -2.0 with slight astigmatism. At the end of the half day session, she could read 20/20! When Mimi told us that Lindsey might be able to read 20/20 line at the end of the session, I was thinking "yeah, right.." Just before we left, Lindsey said "I can read the line 8 on the chart," and she read the whole line. That was from 20 feet away! Mimi told Lindsey to read the chart for a minute every day so she stays that way or even improve better than 20/20. Great work, Dr. Mimi! Your enthusiasm is very contagious." --Tom A., Minneapolis, MN "I only have the left eye to see. My right eye had a tumor behind it. Started when I was three and by 7 I had surgery to remove the tumor. I was told that the tumor I had was very rare in children. Adults have it. The tumor was chiseled out and they got all they could. It crushed my optic nerve and scar tissue grew behind the right eye. It looks off to the right. My doctors told me all my life that this right eye would never see and its iris would be stuck to the corner forever. During Mimi's workshop, I don't know it's from the deep breathing, palming, or what, but Mimi said my iris on my right eye moved to the center many times. I also could see Mimi's hand, not in detail but could tell something was in front of my right eye. I hope to improve my sight in both eyes practicing what I learned from the workshop. I'm so glad I met you, Mimi!" --Pam. Grey Lake, IL "I used to see those annoying eye floaters for many years. After practicing what you showed me to improve my eyesight for a couple of months, I don’t notice the floaters anymore. My family says I’m also calmer and happier. Being almost 70 years old, it’s so wonderful that now I can read without glasses as well as getting those extra benefits. Thanks for you lessons!" --Amy Lombard, Phoenix, Az “During the stressful period of my life 8 years ago, my eyesight got deteriorated and I needed glasses to read close. I had 2 individual coaching sessions with you Mimi. By practicing palming, sunning, swinging, and fusion for about 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks or so, I didn’t need reading glasses anymore. Yay! It’s been a year, still no glasses needed to read close. One thing I still do is palming with deep breathing 2-3 minutes in the morning and at night. Thanks again!” --Angie Berndt, Barrington, IL “Within a week of doing the palming daily, my eyes felt much better. I don’t have Glaucoma, but have high pressure in both eyes. My eyes feel much more relaxed and comfortable now. I used to not being able to work on the computer for very long, but now I can. My eyes don’t feel tired and sore as used to be. I love palming even for 30 seconds whenever my eyes feel tired. Palming not only makes my eyes feel better but it also helps me to relax. Thanks for showing me such an easy way to relax and eliminate eye strain." --Victoria Colin, Lake in The Hills, IL "I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 4 years ago at 55 and have developed the retinopathy in my eyes about two years after that. My vision got blurry, started getting more floaters, and eye pain at times. In great fear of losing my eyesight permanently, I searched for holistic care and found you Doc Mimi. Your simple yet very effective natural vision healing techniques and your coaching me to lose weight, detoxify my body, and changing my eating habits helped me tremendously. Following your vision practice and diet suggestions for about 7-8 months got me eliminated the insulin needs and my eye symptoms are also gone. My family was amazed it was that simple and quick! Thank you, Doc Mimi! It wasn’t easy changing almost 60 years long of eating and bad habits, but I’m glad that I got to learn and practice these healthy vision & lifestyle habits. It has been totally worth it!" --Peter Olson, Woodstock, IL "Mimi, I want you to know that now my dry eye problem seems to be gone as well as old-age sight. Cannot pinpoint which helped me but I just practiced relaxation (blinking, yawning, palming) and the chart you told me to do for my closeup reading problem. Now I can read menus and smaller prints, and these also helped me to eliminate the need for the medicated eye drops for my dry eyes. I was still wiping off the tears coming down on my cheeks every 20 minutes or so. Then I remembered you telling me to apply YL's Frankincense essential oil around the eyes. That must helped even more. I have no more tears coming down on my cheeks. Thanks for saving me from both of my eye problems so simply!" -- Mandy Vickery, Madison, WI “My optometrist told me that I need reading glasses since I’m over 50 now. So I bought a pair of fancy prescription glasses as I could possibly get, but I didn’t enjoy using it. It made me look old and it was a pain in the neck having to carry that around the house and at work. When I found out about the natural vision improvement techniques from you, I was in awe, just because the practices you told me to do were so simple and easy to incorporate in my daily life. It’s like I go to the gym and do yoga for my body and mind. With these natural eye techniques, I’m doing something good for my eyes and my mind as well. Mimi, Thank you! I tossed that fancy reading glasses somewhere in the drawer, don’t need it anymore." --Nancy P., McHenry, IL “I had Lasik about 12 years ago. I loved being free of glasses and contacts until about a year ago when I turned 47. I started needing a weak prescription glasses (+125) for reading. The Bates Method you taught me are helping me read without glasses and are taking a huge strain off my eyes during computer work. Thanks! I am very glad to be off the glasses again." --Jeff E., Highland Park, IL "When my 8 year old daughter Maria started complaining that her vision was blurry, I was worrying "oh no, I don't want my little girl to wear glasses!" Luckily, I saw your brochure at Wholefoods bulletin board and brought her to you for natural vision improvement. You were so good with Maria. She loved the 3 sessions with you. She did the palming for about 15 minutes every day with deep breathing and pleasant visualization (her thing was butterfly flying around in her room). After 3 weeks, she said her blurred vision was gone. It's been 5 months, she still sees clearly. Thank you for your kind coaching with Maria!" --Anne Thompson, Deer Park, IL "Those bothersome floating specks in my eyes must had been from my unhealthy body in the past. Now I’m much healthier and leaner by eating better and detoxifying my body periodically, I don’t even remember when I saw those floaters the last time." --Paul C., Crystal Lake, IL "Mimi, I wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to people. After listening your talk on natural vision improvement, I was so inspired that I never refilled my prescription for my contacts. I've been practicing simple Bates techniques (palm, swing, far-near shifting) you shared with us, and I'm proud to tell you that my vision has gone from 20/200 (-2.5 diopter) to about 20/60 in just 6 months. It seems like though I'm stuck in that. I want to learn about emotional clearing to get my vision to 20/20, as you said that's how you got your normal vision back. What's the best way to learn EFT? Are you offering any webinar classes on that or should I make a private consultation session with you?  Thanks so much!" --Lydia T., Palm Beach, FL "I have been wearing glasses since my 2nd grade and contacts from my 7th grade. My vision got worse as time went and it was -7.5 in my both eyes when I had the first consultation with you 2 months ago. As my sister's vision is even worse than mine, -8.0, I thought we were supposed to have poor vision. Don't remember having much emotional trauma when I was growing up, except my Dad was very strict. After the first Skype session with you, I've been trying not to wear glasses and contacts whenever possible in the house, especially at night. I've been doing the homework practices as you told me: doing palming with deep breathing and visualization, swinging (my 9 months old boy laughs when I do swings :)) and edging,  nose sketching, and far-near shifting, my vision must got improved because when I put my glasses on, they felt too strong. With your suggestion, I ordered glasses online with -5.5. They feel much better. I'm hoping to get down to -3.5, then -1.5, and finally off them. The way it's been going, I hope I can get there within a year. This is so cool! Oh, another things helped me was the frankincense oil and emotional clearing using EFT. When you first showed me in Skype, I giggled at it, but now it helps me go through stressful time, minor or major. Thanks so much, Dr. Mimi!" --Andrea Olson, Coral Springs, FL "I had Lasik done when I was in my mid-thirties. Before that I used to wear coke-bottle thick glasses. Lasik helped me to get rid of my strong myopia but when I turned mid 40, I started having close-up reading problem. Well, suffice to say, I had more than a dozen of reading glasses around the house and in my office. I got so tired of losing them and cannot read anything small without them, so I was thrilled to find out this middle-age reading problem can be easily fixed. You said the natural vision techniques also help for reducing stress and you were right, it helped me to relax more and not strain my eyes. The reading chart that turns 3D is really cool and that really got my eye muscles toned. I can tell my eyes look more alert and balanced. Practicing this chart 5-10 minutes in daytime and palming and swinging at night just for a few minutes, I don't need reading glasses any more. Amazing thing is that it took only about a month.  Really great techniques you are sharing with people! I love it and tell my friends to try this simple way to get rid of reading glasses. Thanks!!!" --John Bullock, Madison, WI “After your vision consultation, I have been practicing the relaxation and fusion techniques for a month now and am very pleased with the results… I can read 20/60 line on the eye chart. I made a huge progress from -3.5, but I still need my reduced glasses to drive, but I can do my computer work without glasses. This Bates method is obviously helping my eyesight so I intend to continue the routine you taught me so that I can pass the driving test and see anything without glasses soon. Thanks for working with me.” --Andy Butler, Palatine, IL "Wow, what a difference your coaching made to my vision and my life! Your EFT session was amazing! I didn't know I had all that emotional baggage. You were very skillful in getting to the right spot and helping me to clear out those emotions. Another thing helped me tremendously is the positive affirmation statement you helped me to repeat. Believe it or not, whenever I feel stressed out, I do the quiet tapping and I keep repeating the affirmation. As for my vision, looking at the 3-D chart, now I can see the bottom paragraph even without converging, which means my vision is even better than 20/20. Thanks for all your help! You helped me to become a happier person!" --Lydia T., Palm Beach, FL "Like many people of my age, I was developing cataract and seeing halo around things. My eye doctor said I probably will need to get a surgery within a year if it keeps getting worse. After practicing what you taught me for a month, my cataract cleared and see images clearly without halo. What a wonderful and easy way to clear my eye problem! Thanks for your help in all these. I am proud that I did this naturally and avoided the dreadful surgery!" --William Roberts, Schaumburg, IL “My job requires me to work on computers 8 hours a day. About two months ago, I was having blurred vision, headache and dizziness for days, so I went to see an optometrist. I was thinking that maybe I needed prescription glasses. I was shocked to find out that I had glaucoma. The optometrist said that the back of my eye was extremely larger than normal and that my eyes were overstrained. He prescribed reading glasses to work on the computer and suggested to go see an eye doctor. I heard from a colleague that there was a natural way to reduce the pressure and heal the glaucoma and gave me your info. Thank goodness, after the first consultation with you, and practicing the relaxation and movement techniques you showed me, even after a week, I noticed that my condition started to improve. I couldn’t believe the symptoms have considerably lessened in such a short time. Practicing these techniques for a month, all symptoms simply went away. When I went to an eye doctor for my glaucoma last week, I was told I don’t have it anymore. He asked me what I did, I just shrugged. He said “maybe it’s the reading glasses that helped you.” The funny truth is that I don’t even use reading glasses for my computer work because the blurry vision seems to be gone gone.  I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to you for showing me these simple yet wonderful techniques.” --Ashley A., Lake Zurich, IL "When I went to see my eye doctor because I was experiencing blurred vision occasionally, he told me that my eyes looked OK and that I might be in a beginning stage of diabetes. I didn't want to be stamped as a diabetic and having to take insulin drugs, so instead of seeing an endocrinologist my eye doctor suggested, I decided to go holistic route. You taught me how to cut my sugar cravings and eat more wholesome fresh foods every day. That helped! After modifying my eating habits and doing some stress reducing techniques you showed me just for 8 weeks or so, my blurred vision seems to be gone for good. I also lost 20-some pounds and feel much better in many aspects of my life. many thanks!" --Beth S., Cary, IL "I get a red eye once in a while, especially after I travel by a plane. I usually go see an eye doctor to make sure my eyes are OK. They check my eyes and say "your eyes are fine, put some synthetic tear drops and it will go away in 2-3 weeks." When my eye was blood shot all over my left eye last time, I wanted a holistic opinion of it why I'm getting this embarrassing red eye plus wanted something natural that could make my red eye go away faster. Thanks to you, Mimi! It was amazing to see the red spots disappear slowly within 3 days when I applied Frankincense oil around my eyes a few times a day, as you suggested . You also told me to reduce the intake of Vitamin-E. And since then, I've not had red eye for over 2 years. Thank you!!!" --Tammy W., Crystal Lake, IL "Hi Mimi, my optometrist told me that my vision improved by 2 diopter in both eyes. I'm hoping to get rid of my glasses within 6 moths. Thank you for the Skype sessions. You are talented!" --Susan K., Tamarac, FL "After my cataract surgery, a year ago, I was experiencing painful pressure in my eyes at times. After practicing what you taught me, especially the palming, for about 3 weeks, now I don't feel the pressure anymore. Such a simple and easy technique! I'm so glad I found a Natural Vision teacher, you!" --Lisa Winburn, Lake in the Hills, IL “The concept of seeing clearly with the Bates method was a simple but very useful learning experience for me. I’m so glad I heard your speaking about it at the event I attended and made an appointment with you. Practicing palming, sunning, and fusion, I feel a tremendous improvement. I'm ready for my second step down in transition glasses. Thanks a lot for your coaching me!" --Barbara Hilton, IL "I suffered with this awful dry eyes for 10 years after the Lasik surgery . It got so bad and I was afraid to get infection, etc. My eye doctor put in 2 plugs in each eye 3 years ago. They helped for a while, but then I don't know what happened. The tears came down to my cheek without my approval :-(, I had to wipe the tears off every 10 minutes. Such a pain because I had to carry Kleenex tissues and wipe off tears on my face where-ever I went and what-ever I did, even during the bowling league. People used to ask me "Are you OK?" They probably thought I was sad or getting emotional or something. Following your suggestions, after each of 4 consultations, doing yawning, palming, swinging, deep breathing, and emotional clearing, I was confident enough to ask my eye doctor to remove the plugs. I still use tear drops twice a day, but that's all. My eyes seem to produce enough tears on their own doing those simple techniques every day for 3-5 minutes. Such a relief that I don't have to put up with this tear flowing on my face involuntarily! I really appreciate your help!" --Mary Schlouch, Tempa, FL For other client-testimonials on Natural Healing work at the HealthyBien Center, click here: